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Explore the Wonders of
Kala Chitta National Park

Welcome to Kala Chitta Reserve Forest, a mesmerizing natural sanctuary nestled in the heart of the Kala Chitta Range in Tehsils Attock, Fateh Jhang, and Jand, District Attock, spanning an impressive 91,342 acres. This reserve forest is a testament to Pakistan’s unwavering dedication to the preservation of its unique biodiversity.

Biodiversity Kala Chitta National Park is a realm of wonder for those enchanted by biodiversity and natural splendor. The park’s terrain is a striking mosaic of mountains, woodlands, and grasslands, providing a diverse array of flora and fauna. With over 150 species of plants and trees, the park’s landscape is adorned with vibrant colors and rich greenery. Yet, it is the park’s captivating wildlife that truly captures the imagination of its visitors. Kala Chitta is home to a remarkable variety of wildlife, including 180 species of birds, 22 species of mammals, and 9 species of reptiles. Among the park’s most notable inhabitants are:

The rich biodeversity of Kala Chitta include most iconic animals, including the formidable Russell’s Viper and the iconic Indian Cobra. The forested terrain is also inhabited by the rugged Wild Boar, the distinct Grey Francolin, and the remarkable Indian Monitor Lizard. Kala Chitta National Park offers a unique opportunity to witness these captivating creatures in their natural habitat, providing a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of biodiversity that thrives within its scenic expanse.

Wildlife Conservation

Kala Chitta National Park is not just a sanctuary for wildlife; it’s a testament to Pakistan’s commitment to conservation. The park actively engages in various initiatives to protect its endangered species and to promote awareness, breeding program, The park runs a breeding program to bolster the populations of endangered species, ensuring their survival for generations to come. Monitoring Program, rigorous wildlife monitoring efforts are in place to track the well-being of the park’s diverse inhabitants, ensuring their continued existence. Education Program, Kala Chitta is dedicated to educating the public about wildlife conservation, fostering a sense of responsibility and appreciation for nature. As you venture into the breathtaking landscapes of Kala Chitta National Park, you’ll not only witness the wonders of the natural world but also become a part of Pakistan’s enduring mission to safeguard its ecological heritage. Come and immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of this extraordinary mountain sanctuary.

Park Highlights

Majestic Landscapes
Diverse Wildlife
Historical Heritage
Nature Trails

At Kala Chitta National Park, we provide an array of captivating services meticulously designed to enrich your wilderness experience. Our thoughtfully crafted trails lead you through carefully curated natural wonders, offering glimpses into the diverse habitats of our remarkable wildlife. Immerse yourself in enlightening wildlife encounters and guided expeditions that impart invaluable knowledge about the park’s unique ecosystems. Whether you’re exploring the rugged terrain or witnessing our conservation achievements, each service promises an unforgettable and educational adventure in the extraordinary realm of Kala Chitta National Park.

Kala Chitta National Park Tour Highlights

Rock Formations
Birdwatching Spots
Breathtaking Routes
Rich Cultural Heritage
Thrilling Wildlife
Nature Photography

Experience Kala Chitta Reserve Forest as you journey through captivating natural wonders. Witness awe-inspiring landscapes, observe diverse flora and fauna, and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the forest. Our guided tours provide valuable ecological insights and unforgettable wildlife encounters, making each visit an extraordinary and educational adventure into the heart of nature’s embrace.

Map of Kala Chitta National Park Attock

Animals At Kala Chitta National Park