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Explore the Wonders of
Kheri Murat Reserve Forest

Welcome to Kheri Murat Reserve Forest, a pristine sanctuary nestled amidst the natural beauty of District Attock, Punjab, Pakistan. Encompassing a sprawling landscape of 8,740 acres in the Tehsil of Fateh Jhang, this reserve forest offers a unique blend of diverse ecosystems and serves as a testament to Pakistan’s dedication to conserving its rich natural heritage.

Diversity: Kheri Murat Reserve Forest boasts an extraordinary range of ecological wonders. Its landscape encompasses lush forests, fertile wetlands, and captivating grasslands, creating a haven for a multitude of plant and animal species. With over 150 species of trees and shrubs, this forest paints a vibrant tapestry across the region. However, the true marvel lies in its thriving wildlife.

The rich biodiversity  of Kheri Murat Reserve Forest includes: Rich Fauna Kheri Murat Reserve Forest is home to a remarkable array of wildlife, including over 200 species of birds, 40 species of mammals, and 15 species of reptiles. Among its cherished inhabitants are: Leopard, the elusive and graceful leopard, an apex predator, silently roams the forest’s terrain. Chital, also known as spotted deer, the chital graces the forest with its distinctive white-spotted coat. Wild Boar: These robust mammals, known for their distinctive snouts and tusks, are a common sight within the forest. Indian Python: Slithering through the underbrush, the Indian python adds to the forest’s mystique.

Dedicated Conservation:

Kheri Murat Reserve Forest stands as a stronghold for wildlife conservation. It houses various initiatives aimed at safeguarding endangered species and raising awareness: Preservation Programs, the forest actively participates in breeding programs to bolster the populations of endangered species. Monitoring and Protection, rigorous monitoring efforts ensure the well-being of the forest’s inhabitants. Community Education, the forest is committed to educating the public about the importance of wildlife conservation. As you explore the enchanting landscapes of Kheri Murat Reserve Forest, you not only witness the wonders of nature but also contribute to Pakistan’s enduring commitment to preserving its natural heritage. Come, be inspired by the unique and awe-inspiring beauty of this remarkable forest sanctuary.

Park Highlights

Majestic Landscapes
Diverse Wildlife
Historical Heritage
Nature Trails

Explore Kheri Murat Reserve Forest, where we provide a host of immersive services to enrich your wildlife experience. Our carefully curated routes lead you through captivating landscapes, offering glimpses into the diverse ecosystems that our forest residents call home. Engage in enlightening encounters with nature through guided tours and wildlife interactions. Whether you’re discovering the wilderness or celebrating our conservation achievements, each service promises an unforgettable and educational journey into the mesmerizing world of wildlife.

Kheri Murat Reserve Forest Tour Highlights

Rich Biodiversity
Family & Social Outings
Immersive Nature
Scenic Landscapes
Deep Nature Scenes
Conservation Education

Experience Kheri Murat Reserve Forest as you journey through captivating exhibits of nature. Witness incredible wildlife behaviors, engage in enriching encounters with diverse ecosystems, and explore the rich biodiversity. Our guided tours offer educational insights and unforgettable experiences with nature, making each visit a remarkable and educational adventure.


Animals At Kheri Murat Reserve Forest