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Explore the Wonders of
Rawalpindi Forest

Welcome to Rawalpindi Forest, an enchanting haven nestled in the heart of the Rawalpindi district in Punjab, Pakistan. Spanning across a vast expanse of 117,044 acres in the Tehsil of Murree, Kotli Sattian, and Kallar Syedan, this forest is a testament to Pakistan’s dedication to preserving its rich natural heritage. Under the administrative control of the Divisional Forest Officer, Rawalpindi North, and the Divisional Forest Officer Murree (Murree Kahuta and Kotli Satiyan), it was established with a vision for conservation and has flourished into a sanctuary of biodiversity since its inception.

Biodiversity: Rawalpindi Forest is a treasure trove for nature enthusiasts and wildlife admirers. Its diverse landscape encompasses lush forests, rolling hills, and serene water bodies, providing a haven for a wide array of flora and fauna. With over 300 species of trees and plants, the forest creates a vibrant tapestry of colors throughout the seasons. Yet, it’s the forest’s rich tapestry of wildlife that truly captivates visitors. Rawalpindi Forest is home to a multitude of species, including over 150 species of birds, 40 species of mammals, and numerous reptiles and insects. Some of the most iconic residents of the forest include,

The rich biodiversity of Rawalpindi Forest include:  Wild Boars, Pangolins, Indian Hares, and Indian Porcupines. The forest also hosts the Grey Francolin, Indian Cobra, Common Krait, Russell’s Viper, Monitor Lizard, as well as various tortoises and lizards, creating a rich tapestry of biodiversity in this natural sanctuary.

Wildlife Conservation:

Rawalpindi Forest stands as a beacon of wildlife conservation. The forest authorities have implemented various programs to safeguard endangered species and foster environmental awareness, Habitat Restoration, Ongoing efforts are directed at preserving and restoring critical habitats within the forest. Wildlife Monitoring, Rigorous monitoring ensures the well-being of the forest’s inhabitants. Community Engagement: The forest actively involves local communities in conservation initiatives to promote understanding and support for the region’s biodiversity. As you explore the captivating landscapes of Rawalpindi Forest, you not only connect with the wonders of nature but also contribute to Pakistan’s enduring commitment to conserving its natural heritage. Come and be inspired by the unique and awe-inspiring beauty of this remarkable woodland sanctuary.

Park Highlights

Majestic Landscapes
Diverse Wildlife
Historical Heritage
Nature Trails

Rawalpindi Forest beckons nature lovers with a myriad of enchanting attractions. Scenic Trails, traverse well-kept pathways that meander through the lush woods, offering captivating vistas of the forest’s diverse landscapes. Historical Enchantment, immerse yourself in the history of Rawalpindi Forest, where ancient trees and pristine landscapes whisper tales of times gone by. Picnic Paradises, indulge in serene picnics amidst the forest’s natural splendor at specially designated spots, immersing yourself in the tranquil ambiance of this sylvan retreat.

Rawalpindi Forest Tour Highlights

Rich Biodiversity
Birdwatching Opportunities
Tranquil Nature Retreat
Family-Friendly Activities
Historical Significance
Scenic Hiking Trails

Experience Rawalpindi Forest as you journey through captivating natural wonders. Witness the beauty of pristine landscapes, engage in enriching educational experiences, and explore diverse ecosystems. Our guided tours offer insights into the forest’s ecology, providing unforgettable encounters with nature, making each visit an educational and memorable adventure.

Map of Rawalpindi Forest

Animal At Rawalpindi Forest