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Welcome to Tilla Reserve Forest, a serene and captivating sanctuary nestled amidst the natural beauty of its surroundings. Covering a substantial expanse of 13,166 acres in the Tehsil Dina and Sohawa Districts of Jhelum, this forest is a testament to our commitment to preserving the rich ecological heritage of this region. Established to protect and nurture the diverse flora and fauna, it has become a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers alike.

Biodiversity: Tilla Reserve Forest boasts an enchanting tapestry of ecosystems, where lush forests, vibrant shrublands, and pristine wetlands converge. Here, you’ll encounter over 150 species of trees and shrubs that adorn the landscape with their colors and fragrances. However, what truly makes this sanctuary remarkable is its remarkable wildlife diversity. With over 100 species of birds, 30 species of mammals, and 15 species of reptiles, Tilla Reserve Forest is a thriving ecosystem.

Tilla Reserve Forest, a haven of natural beauty, is teeming with a captivating array of wildlife. Among its enchanting residents are the Grey Francolin, whose intricate patterns and distinctive calls grace the forest floor. The Indian Cobra, with its iconic hooded appearance, adds an element of danger and intrigue, as does the Common Krait, with its dark coloration and potent venom. Russell’s Viper, known for its triangular head and venomous bite, shares the habitat, while the Monitor Lizard, a magnificent reptile, can often be spotted basking in the sun. These creatures, alongside the Himalayan Black Bear, and Barking Deer, form a rich tapestry of biodiversity that makes Tilla Reserve Forest an extraordinary natural sanctuary. 

Wildlife Conservation:

At Tilla Reserve Forest, we are dedicated to the cause of wildlife conservation. Our initiatives include Habitat Preservation: We ensure the preservation of critical habitats for the forest’s wildlife. Anti-Poaching Measures: Vigilant anti-poaching efforts protect our wildlife from harm. Environmental Education: We actively engage in educational programs to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation. As you explore the serene landscapes of Tilla Reserve Forest, you not only connect with the wonders of nature but also contribute to our ongoing commitment to preserving this precious natural heritage. Join us in this remarkable journey of discovery and conservation.

Park Highlights

Majestic Landscapes
Diverse Wildlife
Historical Heritage
Nature Trails

Tilla Reserve Forest beckons nature enthusiasts with its enchanting array of attractions. Explore the Beauty: Wander along pristine, well-kept trails that meander through lush forests and rolling hills, offering awe-inspiring vistas of the natural splendor that envelops the reserve. Historical Fascination: Immerse yourself in the history woven into the fabric of Tilla Reserve Forest. Discover the ancient tales and cultural significance that enrich this land, echoing stories of generations past.Tranquil Picnics: Delight in peaceful picnics amidst the serene embrace of nature. Our designated picnic spots provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying quality time with loved ones while surrounded by the forest’s tranquility. Join us at Tilla Reserve Forest, where every visit promises an opportunity to connect with nature’s wonders, uncover the history that shaped the land, and savor moments of serenity amid the wilderness.

Tilla Reserve Forest Tour Highlights

Diverse Flora and Fauna
Family Adventures
Nature Immersion
Scenic Landscapes
Conservation Awareness
Connection to Nature

Experience Tilla Reserve Forest as you journey through captivating natural wonders. Witness the beauty of pristine landscapes, engage in enriching educational experiences, and explore diverse ecosystems. Our guided tours offer insights into the forest’s ecology, providing unforgettable encounters with nature, making each visit an educational and memorable adventure.

Map of Tilla Reserve Forest

Animals At Tilla Reserve Forest